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Bonneville Canyon Retreat

Bonneville Canyon Retreat
Typical Student
Bonneville Canyon helps young men 18-25 years of age experiencing behavioral problems, substance abuse, ADD and ADHD, depression, defiance, and academic problems get their lives back on track. We teach independent life skills and planning, which gives each young man a new outlook on life.
Program Description
Bonneville Canyon Retreat is a life skills learning center that specializes in helping young male adults (ages 18 and over) find the path that leads to a successful and positive life. Our program provides a supervised structured environment combining counseling, positive reinforcement, independent living, goal planning, job skills, schooling and outdoor activities. Our program is designed to treat each student as an individual, and offer support through a community setting. Through our daily activities and therapeutic interactions each student is able to identify their issues and find the strength to make changes. With over 12 years of experience we have been successfully treating young adults with a variety of behavioral, psychological and social issues.
Program Type
Your typical day at Bonneville Canyon starts at 7 am. Chores and breakfast are completed before a day of work begins. Depending upon the day and season a variety of jobs are accomplished. After a full day of work, they break for dinner preparation. A menu is followed and a rotating kitchen team prepares dinner. After clean up is complete, the students are given free time. This can be spent writing letters, working on school studies or watching your occasional movie. Lights out are at 10:00 PM during the week and 11:00 p.m. on weekends. Activities occur for those that have earned the privilege on the weekends.
The students have a choice of a G.E.D. or finishing high school with a Diploma. Both of these are achieved through outside resources and will be at an additional cost from the program tuition. Please contact us for further information. Many of our students here were already enrolled in college or just about on their way. Certain choices they have made have taken them off that track and brought them to us. To help prepare them for better success when they return home, they are able to enroll in some college courses while here with us. Job skill training is also available.
School Credentials
An Independent Life Skills Learning facility.
Bonneville Canyon Retreat is located in a small rural town in the Mid Coastal region of Maine. The students are housed in a community type setting in a large building, which was once the town's original school house. We also have 90 acres of remote wilderness that is currently under transformation. One of the program's work projects is to build cabins and a recreation building to use as an additional location for the program during the summer and fall months. This remote location will eventually become our full time location when all construction is complete.
Follow Up Program Type
After departure from the program they will remain in contact for a certain period of time. Your child may re-enter the program at a discounted price.
$4,000/ month $13,500 is due upon enrollment pays for first 90 days
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